Driving Collaboration to Sustainable Innovation Webinar

Planbox will host a webinar on Driving Collaboration to Sustainable Innovation with guest speaker Wayne Kurtzman, IDC Collaboration and Social Media Research Director.

"Collaboration is not just technical. It's the cultural willingness to share and win as a team using the right technologies and the assumption everyone can add value." — Wayne Kurtzman

Join Wayne as he reveals key insights from his recent research on the importance of collaboration, and discover how you can drive sustainable results through teamwork within your organization.

The webinar is open to executives, managers, administrators and strategists looking to discover and integrate best practices for leveraging their organizations’ innovation capabilities by developing a collaborative and empowered agile work culture through technology.

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Event Details

Starts: 29th August 2019 11:00 AM
Ends: 29th August 2019 11:30 AM

Price: Free

Type: Webinar

Tags: agile, collaboration, IDC, innovation, technology, webinar

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